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View our annual impact report highlighting the first two years of operations. The report also highlights an independent study, conducted by 60 Decibels, a leader  in microfinance research and evaluation that was funded by Kiva. 

Wheat Crop

“I’ve been working with [Eskala] for 3-4 years, the benefits they provide are very helpful especially if you have an urgent need.”
- Female, Honduras

“[Eskala] has helped me a lot to improve my house so that my son and the rest of my family live better.” 
- Female, Panama


“[Eskala] has supported us, they have benefited me personally, but not only me, also the members of the organization. They lend us the money for our emergency needs. It gets us out of trouble and allows us to move forward.” 
– Male, Honduras

“My life had improved a lot. I remember 4 years ago I needed to send my sons to Panama City for their University studies, and I did not have enough funds to cover their expenses. Caja Rural supported me, now my first son has graduated. Two of my other sons are in university.” 
– Female, Panama

Impact: Benefits
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